Adorable viral video shows a 2-year-old girl passionately singing along to Sam Smith’s hit


OMG! She is so adorable!

She’s putting her heart and soul into her singing. Closing of the eyes shows that this is a song she feels from deep down. So cute!

This viral video shows the adorable scene with a cute little girl singing “Dancing with a Stranger” by Sam Smith.

Bailey Da Silva is only two-years-old, and she lives in Johannesburg. The little girl became popular among the Internet users after her mother uploaded the video of her daughter singing along to the popular song.

Cherilee Crowiem, Bailey’s mother, uploaded the video to Instagram and it immediately went viral and got more than 33, 000 views.

In the video we can see Bailey sitting in her mother’s car and singing the lyrics from the song. She has an incredibly adorable look, as her eyes are closed.

I can’t but mention that the two-year-old girl knows the lyrics to the song. Wow! Some kids of her age can barely remember their relatives’ names, and she remembers so many words.

I really like how at the end of the video Bailey is enjoying the music while moving her head from side to side.

I really understand why the videos like this one below quickly become so popular among the Internet users. They are so heartwarming and positive that you always get some good emotions while watching them.

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