Adorable video toddler and neighbor’s dog playing catch over the fence


This video made my day!

This is just so cute that it is beyond words. What adorable two friends! Friendship and fun don’t know barriers!

These adorable neighborhood friends prove that friendship and big desire are able to overcome all the barriers. Their desire to play together turned so strong that they were not stopped even by fences.

This video was taken on a beautiful sunny day. Two mothers were relaxing in the garden while their little sons were playing together.

One of the toddlers decided to play catch with his neighborhood canine pal. As there was a fence between the friends they had to play through a hole in it.

A year before, 3-year-old Landon was playing in the yard with his ball. It was then that the boy discovered by chance that his neighbor Dozer the Labrador was also keen on playing with the ball.

Landon by chance threw a ball over the fence to the neighbor’s yard, and the dog poked his head through a hole and dropped the ball back. That is how this funny friendship began.

Ever since the boy and his new four-legged fiend have played hundreds of times. They both have lots of fun and really enjoy their games.

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