Adorable video: puppy falling asleep on her best friend!


Just beautiful!

This video is so sweet and touching that I got too emotional! I just couldn’t stop crying!

We live in the incredible and absolutely unique world. But because of all the evil, greed and negative, we don’t often see that beauty anymore.

After having met so many bad people and after having heard so much bad news, we often forget that there is still something good and kind around us.

This beautiful video has reminded me that in the simplest things there is the most powerful kindness and beauty.

Just a little girl cuddling a little puppy… A beautiful song on the background and nothing else… But it turned to be so emotional. I could watch this video again and again every moment when my belief in kindness vanishes.

The adorable puppy Lilly and her little human Laura are best friends, and they are never enough of their friendship. In fact, they don’t need a lot, just to be together.

The video below shows an incredibly sweet moment Lilly is falling asleep in her best friend’s hugs. Just look at them! They both just radiate love and care towards each other.

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