Adorable ring bearer tosses his pillow while walking down aisle. Hilarious!


Absolutely hilarious!

This sweetheart made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t stop! OMG! So much positive for the whole day! Thank you a lot! This little kid had one job, and technically, he almost did it.

Weddings are beautiful and unforgettable moments for everyone. Everything is so magnificent and wonderfully decorated. The ceremony is so touching that it often makes the guests cry.

Don’t forget the moment when a flower girl or a ring bearer dressed up for occasion walk down the aisle, and no one can take their eyes off these cuties.

I really like exactly these moments because they are not only touching and beautiful. But they are also often quite hilarious.

When there are little children involved in some ceremonial events you can never be sure in anything. Why? Because kids absolutely love doing everything to their own plan.

The video below shows the very important moment at the wedding. The little boy ring bearer was walking down the aisle as it was planned. No one was expecting anything surprising.

The boy was joyfully walking absolutely overwhelmed with excitement. He almost reached the bride and the groom when suddenly he turned and tossed the pillow just up in the air.

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