Adorable reaction of an orangutan on a pregnant girl! So touching!


Kylie Bettani, a 20-year-old girl, watched an orangutan in an open-air cage at Colchester Zoo with her husband Kiran, he is 21, when something amazing happened between her and one of the orangutans named Rajan.

“Me and my wife, who was 7 months pregnant, went to the Colchester Zoo and passing by the open-air cage with orangutans, one of them came very close to the glass and seemed to fall in love with her tummy. It was a wonderful experience, however, and frustrating at the same time. He even ran a tear down his face. ”

The video was filmed in the winter, but it turned out to be online just now. The baby was born in March of this year and named her Brooke. When the girl was 6 months old. Kylie and Kiran decided to go back to the zoo to introduce their daughter to Rajan.

It turned out that the orangutan’s mother died when Rajan was barely a month old, so he was manually raised by Chester Zoo volunteers, and then he was transported to another zoo where he is still in Colchester.

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