Adorable baby has sweet reaction to hearing a violin. So cute!


That was just precious!

That baby seemed to be absolutely mesmerized by the violin. He obviously fell in love with this instrument!

Most parents think that it is better to instill in their children love of music from the early age. That is why they often turn on some beautiful melodies when their babies are just several days old.

Rachel Griffin is a music teacher from New York (USA). But she is also a mother, so she really wants her son Thomas to learn to appreciate art from an early age.

That is why Rachel takes her one-year-old baby to some special courses. It was there that Thomas first heard the violin.

The charming sounds totally amazed and delighted the boy. The very moment he heard the sound he went up to the violinist, and he just froze in mute delight. Then he even tried to embrace this wonderful woman that produced the mesmerizing music.

This moment was captured on camera by Thomas’ mom and it immediately went viral.

Many viewers who watched the video commented that the mother should give her son a violin.

In fact, Rachel does not mind, but she is going to do it later, because while her son is still so small he can only listen to this wonderful instrument, but not play it.

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