Adorable baby dances to ‘Baby Shark,’ and it’s pure joy!


OMG! What can be cuter?

This little girl radiates so much positive that I can’t stop smiling watching her. This video can be watched every morning to brighten the day and to get some positive charge.

We all know from our own experience what to be obsessed with a song means. Once you hear it and you can’t throw it out of your head. And every time you hear it your mood improves immediately and your body starts to move in an intent. Every generation has its own catchy song.

One day my sister and her four-year-old daughter Adriana were visiting me. My niece was singing the same song all the time.

It was a bit difficult to understand what exactly she was singing, as she doesn’t still pronounce all sounds. But then she found this song on the Internet.

Honestly, I was singing this song myself for several days. A song for little kids stuck in my head. I was just “doo doo doo doo” all the time. Do you know what song I’m talking about? Yes! “Baby Shark”!

This song became a real hit among children all over the world. The lyrics are very simple and the tune is incredibly catchy. That is what really needed for a hit.

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