Absolutely precious moment little girl clearly sees her parents for first time


This is so touching!

I just couldn’t hold back my tears! I feel so happy for this little angel and really hope she’ll be happy in her life.

From the very first second a woman learns about her pregnancy and till the last beat of her heart she always first thinks about her child.

During nine months of pregnancy women constantly think about what to do and what not to do in order their babies are born healthy. Now they don’t much think about their own life, but everything is first for their little angels.

Unfortunately, not everything depends on us, and nature sometimes has its own plans. That is why some kids are born with some health problems. And then all parents try to do their best to find the solutions to these problems, so that their children could lead a normal life.

This cute girl’s name is Everly. She was born with congenital cataract in her both eyes. Her parents tried everything possible so that their little princess could enjoy discovering the world in all the colors and details.

Everly had to undergo four surgeries. Then she got a brand-new pair of glasses. And now she can see clearly.

The moment when she first clearly saw her parents and everything around her was recorded and posted on the Internet.

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