A selection of fun videos about the friendship of children and cats! Very funny!


Everyone knows that it is impossible to replay children and animals on the stage. They are so perfect in their immediacy that they can not even tear off those admiring eyes from them even the people who are completely without sentiment. And what will happen if this nuclear mixture is combined?

We have prepared for you a selection of the most fun videos in which children and cats share the main roles and are a serious competition to Oscar-winning actors.

By the way, if cats are considered to be selfish natures, who defend only their own interests, our videos will convince you of the opposite.

These four-footed hairballs manifest themselves as caring and very friendly family members. To the detriment of their interests, they gently care for children, tolerate their abuse and protect them from the outside world.

And small tots with joy are included in the proposed games and get an incredible thrill from friendship with cats.

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