A Jealous Retriever Prevents A Puppy From Sleeping Near The Owner – A Funny Video!


Our pets have the same qualities as their owners! They experience the same emotions – joy, anger, resentment, jealousy.

How quickly the dog solved the problem – see in a funny video

And they often express them even more openly than people.

So, the hero of our video, the golden retriever, was jealous of his owner for the puppy.

The video shows that the girl and the puppy, hugging comfortably, are sleeping on the bed. But here an adult dog comes and decides that, in seniority, a place next to the owner is laid to her.

Without thinking twice, the dog pulls the little one out of bed, and very disrespectfully – by the tail.

The half-awake baby did not even have time to figure anything out and only blinked in confusion.

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