8-year-old dancer wows on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. Amazing!


Super! Pure talent!

This boy is absolutely amazing! There is so much passion in his dance. It is obvious that he really loves dancing, and he dances super well!

This young boy’s name is Akshat Singh. He is from Mumbai and he is only 13-years-old. At his age, Akshat is already an amazing dancer. I would even say that he is a good actor.

Just look at his mimics! He radiates so much positive, and he can easily make people smile. Personally, I got lots of pleasure while watching his performance, and he really made my day.

When Akshat appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent”, he immediately conquered the audience and the judges. Thanks to his talent and charm he got the Golden Buzzer.

Akshat has had his love for dancing since he was a little boy. When he was four-years-old he visited his first dance class. However, his teacher said he couldn’t keep on dancing, explaining that he was too fat.

Perhaps, those unpleasant words made him so determined to prove everyone and himself that he could do everything he wanted. Of course, it took a lot of strength and long hours of training to get such results.

First, Akshat recorded himself and shared his videos on the Internet. His videos became quite popular and were watched by thousand of viewers.

Later, when Akshat was only eight-years-old, he took part in “India’s Got Talent.” That was the moment when the talented boy became popular in his country. He just blew everyone away with his stage presence and talent.

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