7-year-old does adorable impression of Taylor Swift singing “You Belong With Me?”! Wow!


OMG! What a sweet little Taylor Swift!

What can I say? I’m absolutely cuteness overloaded! This girl is so cute and positive! She made me smile and sing with her. Super talent!

She is still just a little girl, but there is a great talent and charisma inside this little star.

Xia Vigor is a seven-year-old girl who has already thousands of admirers. And after this performance, I believe, Taylor Swift became one of them.

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids is a TV show where little contestants perform as doppelgangers of different celebrities. There were pantomimes of Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, and now Taylor Swift.

Xia Vigor showed that she is not just an adorable girl, but a really talented performer.

Her uniform, hairdo, makeup, mimics and gesture were perfectly matched. There was even an outfit changing on stage. All the details were thought out.

Everyone knows one of Taylor Swift’s best hits “You Belong with Me”. And if you saw the video to this song, then you know that Taylor also first appeared in the uniform and then changed it into a beautiful sparkling dress.

Xia Vigor is Taylor’s little fan. She has watched this popular video many times and knows all the details. That is why it was quite easy for her to show Taylor Swift on stage.

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