5 Top Money Saving Tips!


Advice from me for those who decide to achieve financial prosperity.

It is possible that you have already heard some saving tips (and even tried to use them) – for example, bring a finished lunch to work, and not spend money on a business lunch, or drink less coffee in a cafe. But there are more curious ways to save money that you may not have tried yet.

After all, every penny is literally valuable in money matters.

1. Set up automatic transfer of small amounts to your savings account

You may already be using automatic payments to pay for receipts and transfer part of the money to a savings account. But, if you start automatically saving some money, over time they will add up to an impressive amount.

“For example, after I stopped buying lunch at the cafeteria and went to Starbucks every day, I started saving $ 20 a day, which is the extra $ 100 a week that I could add to my savings. Make weekly automatic transfers of small amounts – $ 10 or $ 20, which will not affect your budget, ”says Andrea Vorokh, one of the main experts in financial planning in the USA. “A good amount will quickly accumulate from these deductions, and you will learn how to live without spending too much.”

2. Follow the 48-hour rule and delete credit card numbers from the memory of your electronic devices.

It has become so quick and easy to make purchases on the Internet that you can easily become addicted to spontaneous purchases of clothing and other goods.
I advise you: in order not to make rash purchases, wait 48 hours after you come across something that you want to buy. So you will learn to separate the necessary expenses from the expenses made out of a whim.

3. Go to work by public transport or walk

Yes, driving a car is convenient, but how much does it cost you? No need to get to work by car every day. Instead, use public transport, resort to ride sharing, ride a bike, or just walk several kilometers every day. This will save the wallet, and strengthen health. In addition, owning a car is associated with many additional costs, such as paying insurance and parking.

4. Use financial planning applications

When you are trying to achieve a goal, it is very important to monitor your actions so as not to stray from the chosen course. Use financial planning applications. They allow you to save money every day without much effort.

5. Turn off all electronics

Vorokh also recommends disconnecting all electronic devices from the network – televisions, laptops, coffee makers, set-top boxes for digital TV, etc. They consume energy even when everything is turned off, and this is reflected in your electricity bill. Thanks to network filters, you can immediately turn off several electronic devices at once.