5 Best Expense Tracking Apps for iPhone


It takes a lot of patience and good memory to record all expenses on paper or in Excel. Keeping track of personal finances in a mobile application is faster and easier. I have compiled a list of popular iOS apps that help control spending.

I have compiled a list of the 5 most popular free iOS apps in the Finance category, where you can keep track of expenses. The selection did not include applications with a rating below 4 and applications that were last updated before January 2018.

1. CoinKeeper

The categories “Incomes”, “Expenses”, “Accounts” (money on a bank card or in an ordinary wallet), “Debts”, “Goals” are available in the application.

CoinKeeper allows you to import transactions from mobile applications of 157 banks, the list can be viewed on the application’s website. True, the category of imported expenses will have to be driven in manually.

2. Money Flow

In Money Flow, you can add costs and revenues by categorizing them and assigning them icons and colors. You can add tags (tags) to expenses to make it easier to navigate. Reports appear in a chart.

In the paid version, it becomes possible to set geotags, search for operations and attach images to them, and also enable automatic backup.

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