3-year-old child fell into the cage with gorillas! What happened next is impossible to describe.


Savior baby has become a real hero!

Every person in his life at least once, and faced with the manifestation in animals of such sublime features inherent in man. Such as: Devotion, Care, Love, Sincerity.

Here we are talking about animals, as our smaller brothers. Indeed, they are our brothers and sisters, younger in mind. But I would like to note one important detail.

In my opinion, our younger brothers, our friends, be it dogs, cats, other animals, not only sometimes give us examples of the manifestation of true nobility of soul and heroism, but also make us think about the question: “Why do we, people, often forget that is it to live with an open mind, according to conscience? ”

We become callous and indifferent, we forget what sincerity is. But seeing these examples, to be honest, it becomes embarrassing.

These are the thoughts that make this case. A three-year-old boy came to the zoo to spend time with animals. His mother was distracted for a minute, but it was enough for the boy to climb over the fence and fall into the aviary to the wild animals! The boy fell from the 7-meter fence and fell to the gorillas!

But the worst thing is that the child lost consciousness from falling! His mother was in a panic and did not know what to do, except how, to ask for help from the staff. But the boy was already helped … a huge gorilla immediately ran up to him and took him in her arms, while she had her own cub on the back.

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