2 brothers will totally warm your heart with their ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ duet!


Beautiful video!

This video is guaranteed to make your day feel so much better. It is absolutely light and positive! I really love that bond these two brothers have! It is so rare that they should really keep it.

Jordan Rabjohn is a talented musician from the UK. In the video below he performs an amazing duet with his brother.

As they are both big fans of the Toy Story movie, and they are looking forward to the release Toy Story 4, they decided to record their cover to ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me.’

Their duet absolutely won the hearts of many viewers on social media. Personally, I also liked their video. Their singing is fantastic and the video is full of positive and good humor.

‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ first appeared in the first movie in 1995, and since that time it has appeared in every next movie. The song itself tells about friendship and powerful bond between friends.

And these two brothers fulfilled the video with the absolutely necessary emotions and feelings the song tells about. They are a brilliant example of good relationship strong friendship.

More than 13 million people who have already watched their duet agree that these two brothers have a very sweet bond.

And the number of the admirers of this celebration of strong friendship between two brothers still continues to grow.

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