17-year-old gets standing ovation for his 1932 song performance. Amazing!


Wow! Jaw-dropping performance!

He has a beautiful soulful voice. It’s great that a young man can sing that style of music! I really like his performance!

As all people are different, they all have different tastes in everything, and music isn’t an exception. People have their own preferences in music styles, musical instruments and even music eras.

Today, it is quite rare that you meet a young person who is keen on old school music. Most of them now prefer something modern and very electronic. That is one of the reasons why Daniel became a big surprise for everyone when he came on AGT’s stage.

The 17-year-old boy came to show himself and impress everyone with his voice. To help him in his aim he chose a very unusual song. And his song choice was the first thing that made the judges really surprised.

“Try A Little Tenderness” was first recorded in the far 1932. This song isn’t a usual song to hear at AGT’s auditions. So, just imagine the judges’ faces when they heard what song the young man was going to sing.

Immediately after Daniel started singing everyone’s facial expression changed again. The judges and the audience had their jaws dropped, as none of them was expecting such a mind-blowing performance.

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