12-year-old Broadway fan will win your heart with moving audition. Wow!


Incredibly emotional!

This performance gave me goose bumps and made my eyes watery! Such a talented and determined boy! Amazing video!

I even don’t remember when last time a video made me so emotional. It made me cry and smile. I felt how everything inside me shrank and the very first seconds of his singing made me goose bumps.

Meet Luke Islam, the future Broadway superstar. He is 12-years-old and he is from the Garden City. Luke has been dreaming of becoming a Broadway star for six year already, since he saw a Broadway show for the first time.

He was so impressed by the show and its atmosphere that he immediately fell in love with the stage.

Luke’s dream is so big and important for him that every day during these six years he was practicing and singing on his way to his dream. And when he came on the AGT’s stage he did his first serious step for his dream come true.

I’m sure that no one could even imagine what a jaw dropping performance the young boy was preparing for everyone. The judges and the audience, and now me too, everyone, were absolutely blown away!

For his performance, Luke chose a composition from the Broadway musical “Waitress.” “She Used To Be Mine” showed how powerful and impressive Luke’s voice is.

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