11-year-old violinist who survived cancer earned Simon’s Golden Buzzer!


What a show! I cried so much!

Wow! The moment he started playing the violin… it made my eyes watery already. He came and showed those bullies on that stage! Bravo!

11-year-old Tyler Butler-Figueroa, who lives in North Carolina, came on the stage of America’s Got Talent and absolutely stunned everyone with his talent.

He is still a little boy, but he had a very difficult childhood. Tyler became a victim of his classmates, who often bullied him.

I find that situation really terrifying and it proves once again that child’s cruelty has no limits. Tyler was bullied because of his leukemia. That is really awful!

This diagnoses was announced when Tyler was just four and a half. Such a little boy had to overcome real hell. Because of constant chemotherapy the boy lost his strength and hair. When he came back to school many classmates laughed at his look and didn’t play with him.

It is impossible to imagine what a little child feels being so ill, fighting for life, and being an object for bullying because of his disease.

Tyler lost his friends, but he found himself in playing the violin. This hobby made him happy. As his mother said when he began to play the violin he radiated pure happiness and joy.

The talented boy can at the audition of America’s Got Talent to show his talent, and he was really amazing!

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