11 year-old sings Elvis classic! Breathtaking performance!


This is fantastic!

It is really incredible that this young girl has such a mature voice! She sings with her soul and heart and it touches really deeply.

I absolutely love Elvis’ songs and I have heard lots of covers of his hits performed by professional artists and simple admirers. His songs are so wonderful that they still win the hearts of millions of people of different age.

Today I want to present you a video of Angelina Jordan’s performance. This girl’s voice is absolutely breathtaking and unique.

I’m sure that you have already seen some of her performances on the Internet. And in the video below you will see one more incredible performance.

Many people, who have heard Angelina’s singing, call her “old soul”. She doesn’t like singing modern popular songs. On the contrary, she absolutely loves performing old classics.

She knows the lyrics of many legendary songs, but also she can easily express the feelings and emotions singers put into their hits.

In the video below Angelina is performing a well-known Elvis’ hit “It’s Now Or Never” and her rendition is absolutely jaw dropping!

I have watched many Angelina’s performances and every time she blows my mind. And every time I think it can’t be better, she wows me with her incredible voice. This time isn’t an exception.

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