11 effective ways to save money


Few people know how to save money. This is especially difficult to do with a low salary. Here are my proven and best ways to save money:

1. Auto accumulation
This is the easiest way to save money. Just set up the option of transferring a certain amount every month to your savings account in your Internet bank. Then you can watch how your savings increase.

2. Gradually increase savings
Start saving a little, for example, 10% of each salary. Then, each month, increase the size of the savings by 1 percentage point. That is 11%, 12%, 13% and so on.

3. To deduct a percentage of purchases
Some banks allow you to transfer the percentage of purchases you define to a savings account. For example, you have determined that 10% will be deducted from each purchase. We bought products for 2000 rubles, 200 rubles will be automatically transferred to the deposit.

4. Keep a trifle
If it’s hard for you to save non-cash money, then save cash. Try every evening, when you come home, throw a trifle or a few notes into the piggy bank. As soon as the piggy bank is full, take the money to deposit.

5. Save bonuses
As soon as you get something in excess of your salary, send money to a savings account. It can be bonuses or income from part-time work. Many people want to spend this money on pleasant things, but their best use is to generate additional income.

6. Beautifully name your score
Designate the purpose for which you save, and name your savings account. For example, “On vacation” or “on Maserati.” This will increase the chances of increasing savings.

7. Use cashback credit cards
With each purchase, a certain percentage will be returned to the account. Most often, banks return 1-2% for all purchases, or up to 30% in special categories. Send money received from cashback to the deposit.

8. Pay yourself first
After receiving your salary, first transfer the money to a savings account. Only then pay other bills: for housing, car, taxes, etc. This method ensures that you manage to save money until it runs out.

9. Obstruct access to money
If you take money from a savings account, it is better to make it difficult to access. Open a deposit without the possibility of partial withdrawal.

10. Arrange a competition
Offer someone a competition: whoever accumulates more money will become a winner and receive, for example, a free lunch. As a result, both of you will become winners, as you will begin to actively save.

11. Before buying things, wait 24 hours
A lot of money is wasted on impulsive purchases. Follow a simple rule: if you saw the thing you want to buy, think for a day if you need it. If not needed, then consider saving money. Send them a contribution.