10-year-old girl sang the famous hit “Metallica”! It turned out so beautiful!


This girl was pleasantly surprised! I did not even expect that she would be able to cope with such a task! Great!

Very good performance! And even if it is a cover! It is known that most of the songs of the group “Metallica” are very well known and it is difficult to sing them at a decent level. After all, will always be compared with the original.

I love their songs! They really catch on! And have become a real classic. The song “Nothing Else Matters” is one of their most famous hits. Very beautiful composition with a special philosophical meaning.

In general, the creativity of the group “Metallica” has always differed from the majority of its special value. The legendary group is indisputable! Their songs always set me up in a pensive way.

The heroine of this video showed real talent! Such clever! For her age, this is a great achievement. She managed to perform a well-known hit with the proper emotional intensity and strength.

Nice to listen! I am always pleased with talented children! The most important thing is to always support them in achieving their goals. This video is a great example of true talent.

She is clearly working with her! The voice of the young soloist is wonderful! Moreover, she is quite artistic. And she deserves real applause. Name is young soloist Yadin Rilee and she has her own channel on YouTube.

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