10 ways to save money and budget!


Saving money is the most useful and very rare skill in the modern world. Under any circumstances, one must learn to limit oneself from unnecessary expenses in order to take care of one’s future. Saved money, if they do not save you from the crisis, will simply become a useful investment in the desired acquisition.

1. Save small money


Every day during the year, put some of your little things (small bills) in a piggy bank or in a regular jar. This will allow you to accumulate a decent part of the “emergency fund” at the end of the year.

2. Keep track of your expenses

Keep all your checks and, at least once a month, make a list of all your acquisitions. And then ask yourself if it made sense to buy some of these things. Try to avoid such waste next month.

3. Think about purchases Never buy expensive items under the influence of impulse. Reflect on every expensive purchase for at least 24 hours. Acting on this principle, you will never regret expensive and unnecessary acquisitions.

4. Plan expenses

Most people don’t keep track of where they spend their money, so they don’t understand why their expenses exceed the budget. Start to distribute the estimated amounts for different envelopes: for transport, food, entertainment and more. This will help you to avoid purchases that you do not need, and what remains can go to the “emergency fund”.

5. Divide the amount of goods by your daily wage

This is the best way to avoid an expensive purchase. Calculate how much money you earn per day. And then, divide the amount of the desired product by daily earnings. Think about whether another pair of shoes is worth 20 days of your hard work?

6. List short-term goals

Make a list of things that you need to purchase as soon as possible, and stick it on a mirror or refrigerator. When this list is in front of your eyes, you automatically begin to avoid unnecessary expenses and save money in order to get only what you need.

7. Carry lunch to work / study with you

If you buy lunch at work or at the university, it will cost you a decent amount. But if you bring a sandwich out of the house, you will save some for the emergency fund.

8. Go shopping only with the list and adhere strictly to it

People who go to the store for groceries with the list, buy only what they planned.

9. Look for inexpensive gasoline

Always compare prices at different gas stations or equip your car with a gas installation. You will be surprised how much money you can save.

10. Buy clothes at sales There is a huge difference in price between discounted clothes and things at full cost. But there is no difference in quality. Buying clothes at a discount or at sales, you will not only save, but also be able to purchase much more things for the planned amount.