Unpredictable kids react to surprising pregnancy announcements


The most precious reactions ever!

I like children’s reaction on various news and things around them. They are so true and sincere. They don’t need to pretend, so they always show what they really feel.

Many children believe that having a new baby in the family is always great. However, there are situations when elder child is jealous of parents’ attention to the baby. So, it is not always so simple to prepare an older child for the appearance of a younger one.

The child’s first reaction to the news of the appearance of a brother or sister is often simply unpredictable: someone is genuinely happy, and someone is bitterly crying. But many children immediately fall in love with the baby and they become very close with them.

Children from this video have not yet become older siblings, but they already know that a new baby will soon be in their family. The reaction of the future older brothers and sisters is really touching. It can easily give a smile to everyone.

Personally, I have an older brother and I’m happy with that. Now I understand what kind of happiness it is to have a close person who will take your side and support in any situation.

But this understanding came to me at an already mature age, and as a child, we couldn’t find a common language. We had a constant fight for the attention of our parents and grandparents. We didn’t get on well and both wanted to be the first and have all the toys and sweets.

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