Touching moment boy is reunited with missing dog. To tears!


This is the most touching video ever!

I have watched it dozens of times and every time it touches me deeply and makes me cry. I wish everyone to never lose your friends!

Dogs are just perfect animals to keep at home where you have kids. Dogs are not just interesting pets and good guardians. They are very loyal and friendly and this makes them perfect friends for the kids.

Very often children have some special connection with their four-legged friends. They spend lots of time together and do everything together. Dogs often become the first creatures children learn to love and take care of.

Dogs are not just toys. They become a very important part of your family.

That is how it was in the family from the video below. Kase was a beloved dog and the best friend for her little human. But one day a terrible thing happened. Kase disappeared.

It became a real tragedy for the little boy. He was constantly walking all over the neighborhood looking for his best friend. But everything was in vain. A month passed. The boy was incredibly missing his pooch.

Then, one day the boy’s mother saw their dog Kase at other people’s place. Of course, she asked that family to return their dog.

The woman decided to make a big surprise to her son. And when she was picking him up from his grandmother’s place she took Kase with her.

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