Tiny dancing duo wow the crowd with their cha cha routine


OMG! They are so tiny!

This is how everything began! I just can’t watch it without a smile. Absolutely cute! I’m happy that after so many years they still dance and do it incredibly well.

Dancing isn’t just beautiful. It also improves our brain function at different levels. Moreover, it is always good for our physical development. Talking about kids, we should remember, that dancing helps to develop all the muscles and good coordination of moves. So, the earlier you kid starts to visit dance classes the better physical condition they will have.

Ball dancing is especially known as a good activity for kids, as it helps to keep their back straight, which is really great when they go to school. And of course it is always very beautiful.

We all love to dance, may be in different ways, but still we love it. Some people dance on a primitive level, just moving a little their body. And some are noticeably better than the others.

However, dancing isn’t just about moving your body, one of the most important things is how you listen to music. You should pass it through your body and perform movements that come straight from the depths of your soul.

The kids from the video below are still too young to judge their skills, but they were obviously born to dance. It is clear that they really like dancing and they put their little soul into their performance.

When I watch their performance I just can’t help watching their legs, especially the girl’s. They are so tiny and look so fragile, that I’m just amazed how she tries to move them to the rhythm.

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