This determined ‘counter surfer’ will make you burst in laughter!


OMG! I can’t stop laughing!

These dogs are ready to sell their soul for food. In fact, we could learn “never to give up” from him.

This video made me smile a lot. That adorable pooch is so funny, and the ears are my favorite part!

Some dog owners may say that dogs are real trouble makers. Yes! They can sometimes be naughty. Yes! They can bring some troubles. Yes! They need a lot of attention and good upbringing.

That is all true! But at the same time, the moment a pooch appears in your home, you life will never be the same.

If you ask the same dog owners, they will say with certainty that they absolutely love their four-legged friends, and they can’t now imagine their life without them.

Dogs bring lots of happiness, joy and admiration into your life. These incredibly friendly and loyal creatures can be very serious and sometimes even dangerous if it is about their owners’ safety. But at the same time, they are just like kids, love playing, having fun and tasty treats.

When t is about delicious food some dogs seem to be unstoppable and really determined. When they need to get what they want, and preferably not being caught, they show amazing intelligence and cunning.

The video below was recorded by the man, who is a lucky owner of a very determined cocker. The man had suspected his furry friend in ‘counter surfing’.

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