9-year-old girl won the hearts of all judges with her voice


I’m very impressed!

There is so much feeling and soul in her performance! I can’t help but admiring this little girl! She is so young, but she has already survived a lot. She is strong that not even every adult can bear all those difficulties she managed to overcome.

Today, various talent shows are popular throughout the world. Many ordinary unknown people come to such talent shows to get an opportunity to express themselves on stage and reveal their talents and abilities to the world. This type of shows, where people demonstrate their talents are considered the most popular and rated.

The best evidence of this is a project called “America’s Got Talent”, which began its broadcasting back in 2006. Here participants demonstrate their dancing, vocal and other abilities. In a word, they demonstrate everything they can do.

The selection of the contestants is divided into several main stages. The first is an audition, which is closed. Sometimes this casting takes place in several cities.

Next, the contestants demonstrate their abilities to star judges and the judges then decide which of them will take place in the live episodes. In case one of the members of the jury does not like the performance, they can stop it by pressing the red button.

It is necessary to note that children’s performances are the most popular and admired among the audience and the judges. Sometimes the kids demonstrate such abilities that not every adult is able to perform.

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