These kids have the most emotional reaction on getting puppies as gifts!


This is so touching that I couldn’t hold back my tears!

We all wish that our beloved people never cry. But sometimes, their tears are so pleasant to watch…when they are tears of happiness, of course.

In the video below you will see really lots of tears, and they are all tears of happiness. The video is so touching and emotional that I couldn’t help crying myself.

Almost in every child’s life there comes a period when they start dreaming of having a pet: a dog, cat, parrot, or goldfish. But not every parent agrees on such responsibility. They understand that not all children are ready to take care of a pet.

It is clear why parents do not want to buy such a gift to a child. They just don’t want to be responsible for it and spend their own time taking care of a pet. Everything and everyone requires attention and adults understand this.

Sometimes children beg for a four-legged friend, who they could go for a walk and have fun together. I remember once when I was a child my dad brought an abandoned kitten.

My mom was very angry with dad, but we left the kitten at home. I remember how happy I was the moment I saw that little cutie.

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