These Irish dancers will wow you with their step dance!


Awesome! I get so much energy watching this!

These dancers are absolutely wonderful. I watch their moves as if I’m hypnotized. Just can’t take my eyes off them.

Sometimes dance groups arrange spontaneous choreographic performances right in the streets and squares.

The heroes of the video below are all members of the student team from the dance school called “Hession School”.

They decided to recall the traditions of their ancestors and perform their impressive step right in the middle of a busy street in the center of the Irish capital — Dublin.

What a good idea to remind all the passersby about their culture and just give people some positive emotions!

When you think about Ireland the first things that come to your mind are leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day and tap dance, of course. The most famous Irish step shows are performed by the “Riverdance”.Many people all over the world absolutely love their performances.

For more than 20 years, this ancient dance has become an important part of international festivals. However, the number of people willing to learn how to beat the rhythm with their feet is only increasing.

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