These babies laughing will make your day!


They are so adorable!

I always fail not to laugh myself when I hear kids laughing. Their giggling is so infectious that you can’t resist it. And that is really great as many scientists claim that laughter makes us happier and prolongs our life.

The nature of laughter has been studied by psychologists for a long time. It is known that Darwin watched his son laughing, and Freud explained laughter with a sense of superiority: we may laugh at the fallen man because we rejoice — he fell down, but not me.

Smile and laughter are two tools for expressing children’s emotions and kids use them very wisely. So, when do they smile or laugh?

Kids normally laugh and smile when they feel good and they are happy or satisfied. However, this is not always the only case. We, adults, may often feel confused when our kids are less than three years old. At this age children’s are not yet fully formed.

They may often be confused by simple things, or they find strange things funny. For example, adults often consider clowns in a circus or some characters of children’s cartoons to be funny, but kids can easily be frightened by them.

Parents often think that they know how to please their baby. They come up with different “activities” for birthdays, arrange performances for children. But then they are disappointed: kids don’t find it funny.

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