“O sole mio” performed by young singer with unique voice


Wow! She is absolutely amazing!

I have never heard this song sung so beautifully. Amira is a very talented Dutch singer and since a very young age has been singing operatic songs with Andre Rieu’s equally famous orchestra. Patrizio is fantastic too. I hope these two will have many more recordings together. Bravo!

Amira Willigagen is a young singer who is already known in the world for her unique opera voice. And some time ago, Amira was lucky to sing with the outstanding opera singer Patrizio Buanne.

Together they performed the song “O Sole Mio”. Even an experienced singer was delighted and even amazed when he heard the voice of a talented girl. So, if he was so surprised then imagine the reaction of the audience… She is a real talent!

During one of the performances, famous singer Patrizio Buanne decided to please his fans with the old composition “O sole mio”. This time he performed the song with the talented girl Amira Willighagen.

By the way, despite the fact that Amira is only 12-years-old and has never performed professionally, she is already a fairly well-known performer in show business. The girl took part in a talent show in the Netherlands where she got to the semifinals. Moreover, Amira’s voice is so unique and strong that Dutch showman Gordon Heukenroth compared it to Maria Callas’ dramatic soprano.

Patrizio Buanne has been performing on the Italian stage since he was eleven-years-old. During this time, he managed to win various prestigious music competitions, becoming a real celebrity.

However, according to the singer, his main goal is not to become famous, but to attract the attention of listeners to undeservedly forgotten hits of the 50s.

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