More than 8 million views: video of a dancing tourist takes the Internet by storm


Absolutely amazing! Pure tenderness!

Life is beautiful and amazing! You need to live your emotions and feelings! Sing with joy if you want to sing! And if you want to dance — dance wherever you are. If you are right on the street and you hear beautiful music of a street musician- dance!

Real art does not need a stage. You do not need a canvas and you do not need a tool! Real art is made by our souls and hearts. Real art will always find a way out! The only thing that really matters is your desire and feeling. There are so many proofs to this.

This video continues to gain popularity all over the Internet. There you can see a girl from Palestine, who dances to the accompaniment of a street musician.

Watch the video of a long-legged beauty that was caught on camera in an Italian city. Two girls stopped to listen to the performance of a street musician. They were filmed by a third acquaintance. Seeing that one of the ladies had the desire to dance, a friend pushed the companion and she danced right on the street.

With this amazing video the mesmerizing ballerina has proved to everyone that there is always place for real art! The Palestinian ballerina performed an incredibly sensual and gentle dance in the street to the accompaniment of street musician, whose music was also incredibly beautiful!

Her dance gathered a lot of onlookers. The girl doesn’t seem to be embarrassed to express herself and fascinates the public with her plastic and precise movements. Pure pleasure for the eyes!

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