Little girl plays doctor with bull terrier. Adorable video!


What an adorable moment!

Leave all your affairs for a while, because it’s just the time to get your daily dose of cuteness. This is a doctor’s prescription!

Children love to play doctor, especially when they have a set of special tools and a patient. The girl in the video below has everything necessary to examine her patient, and even to give him injections.

The only thing that may make most viewers worried is the fact that her patient is a severe dog. Bull terriers are considered to be quite dangerous and aggressive dogs. But the pet understands everything: the fact that the girl is just playing and that the real treatment does not threaten him, and therefore you just need to be patient.

It is not a secret that bull terriers were bred specifically for dog fighting. No wonder they were even called the gladiators of the canine world. Not surprisingly, many people consider these cute creatures to be dangerous killers.

There are lots of stories telling us about dog attacks, but it’s not due to the breed. It’s due to the upbringing.

However, contrary to stereotypes, it is one of the most playful and cheerful dog breeds. They just love children and are ready to be patient as long as they have to with all their childish pranks. The video below proves this fact. The adorable clip got almost 3 million views just in a month.

So, in this most amazing videos about dogs, Noa, a 2-year-old girl, is playing doctor with her family dog bull terrier named Neckar. This dog is very patient, and it is also incredibly cute!

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