Little boy has a hilarious reaction when someone takes his food


Amazing boy! His reaction is priceless!

I’ve seen this many times already but his reaction cracks me up every time! Thanks for sharing this incredibly positive video!

When she says she doesn’t want any and then just… Men often complain that when they go out to eat something with their beloved women, the last ones instead of ordering some food for themselves just say they don’t want anything, and then just take it from the men’s plate.

Really, men find it very irritating. They just don’t understand why not to make an order if you are hungry.

You know, one of my friends once explained such emotional reaction on this women’s action.

He said that when he ordered something, he ordered exactly that amount he wanted. And when his girlfriend then takes some of his portion it isn’t enough for him then.

Wow! Who knew it is so important for them! Perhaps this little boy has already experienced this injustice from the woman’s side.

It isn’t clear if it was an unknown person taking the boy’s food, or he was absolutely shocked that someone took his food without asking permission.

Anyway, he surely didn’t like what was happening.

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