Japanese look at “Swan Lake”. Absolutely unusual!


Cool! I really liked the humor in this performance!

I’m not sure if it can be compared to the real art of ballet dance, but as for the performance to improve your mood and make you smile it is great.

There is often such feeling and impression that the Japanese look at life in a completely different way comparing to the rest of the world. I think that many of you may agree that in Japan everything is different from what can be seen in many other countries of the world.

They have their own amazing technique, food, entertainment and many other things. Japanese television shows have been famous all over the planet for their originality and even insanity to some extent.

Probably, such programs are difficult to find on television of another country. And this is not strange. However, the Japanese themselves are rather modest, quiet and don’t like being in public eye. And they need to have fun too, right? So, here they use their imagination to the fullest and try to take everything possible from life!

In the video below you will see another unusual idea that appeared in the minds of the inhabitants of Japan. They decided to have a look at well-known “Swan Lake” in a completely different and unexpected way. Perhaps you couldn’t even imagine that the well-known legendary ballet could be staged without the use of legs.

The ballet dancers who appeared on the stage were just sitting on their knees. Perhaps the Japanese audience did not expect that they would see exactly that!

The girls began to dance with their hands, and they did it very synchronously, accurately and beautifully. This isn’t a habitual performance of this ballet.

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