German Shepherd has a hilarious reaction to talking Husky. So cute!


This is the best reaction video ever!

I absolutely love how this dog turns the head! She looks so cute and adorable! Thanks for uploading this video. It really made my day!

Dogs are just like people are all different. They may be of the same breed, but their characters are often different.

However, the dogs of the same breed still have some common features and characteristics. Some breeds tend to be friendlier and kinder than others. Some dogs tend to be noisier than others.

Husky owners know for sure that this breed is really talkative. They like talking to themselves as well as to other dogs and people.

I’m sure that you have seen lots of videos showing Huskies talking or singing loudly. One of the most popular videos like this is that one with the Husky saying “I love you” after its owner.

Today, we’ll give you the opportunity to remember that adorable video, but that is not all. We have a video in the video for you to watch.

In the video below you will see a German Shepherd called Noushka.

Noushka was a Lebanese rescue dog. Some time ago she was a real professional in her job. Now, she lives in Canada with loving owners.

When Noushka’s owner showed her the adorable video of the talking Husky, she turned to be absolutely confused.

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