Dad filmed cute video of little son playing with pup in the bedroom!


OMG! That was absolutely adorable!

That hug made me teary. That’s the beginning of a great friendship.

This really hilarious video was posted online by a dad. He heard some loud noises coming from the bedroom. As he knew that there was his little son and his best four-legged little friend, he realized that there was going something interesting.

So, he decided to film everything, but he wasn’t expecting to see the cutest thing ever.

The scene of a baby boy and adorable puppy relaxing in bed together was absolutely heartwarming itself. But what they were doing absolutely melted the dad’s heart as well as the hearts of everyone who watched the video.

His little son was playing with the puppy. He seemed so happy, as he was joyfully laughing. Moreover, they were even howling together.

I absolutely loved it when the boy told the puppy “You’re so funny” and hugged his furry friend. It was really one of the most adorable and heart melting thing I have ever seen.

When kids have such warm moments with their little friends they share a sweet and strong bond between each other. These are the moments they become real friends. And it is really important for children.

Many researches showed that children, who grow up in one home with dogs, grow up happier and more open than those without dogs.

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