Dad dances with his autistic son to Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock.” Touching!


What a heartwarming moment!

This video touched my heart and made me cry. What a precious moment between a dad and his son.

I’m sure that this moment will always remain in their memory. Besides, this video will always be a very good reminder of their love and special bond.

So, meet Marcos Mion and his son Romeo. Perhaps, many of you have already heard Marcos’s name. He is a popular Brazilian actor, TV host and businessman.

He is married to a beautiful woman Suzana Gullo, and they have three children. Their oldest son- Romeo, is 13-years-old, and he has got autism.

Some people may consider it a real challenge to have an autistic child. Marcos is a very caring and attentive dad. He is so proud of his son and never misses a chance to spend time with Romeo.

Marcos loves posting photos showing his everyday life and these pictures are really popular among his internet admirers. All those photos radiate unconditional love and tenderness Marcos feels for his family.

In the video below, Marcos shared a very special and tender moment between himself and his special son Romeo. And this video brings a warm smile to everyone who watches it.

In this clip, dad and his son are in the bedroom, and they are dancing to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”. What a good choice of the song! I absolutely love this legendary hit!

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