Cute girl wins the Internet dancing to Taylor Swift wearing mom’s high heels!


Aww! What an adorable little dancer!

This cute girl absolutely won my heart… and not only mine. I absolutely love her moves and how she feels the music, and her high heels, of course.

Every child has some hobbies and interests and it is absolutely great. This is the way they develop and learn how everything works in the surrounding world.

Some children like drawing, sometimes with mommy’s favorite lipstick on the wall. Some kids like doing sport. Some prefer singing everywhere and all the time, no matter what time it is. And some kids are absolutely fond of dancing.

When I was a little girl I really liked drama. When we had some guests at home my best friend, who was also my neighbor, and I invented a story, chose some outfits from my mom’s wardrobe and entertained the guests with our short plays.

When I was at home alone I organized solo concerts in front of the mirror. I wore mommy’s dresses, accessories and high heels, and sang into her hairbrush. What sweet times these were!

Perhaps, every little girl has tried on her mom’s clothes and shoes and imagined herself as a famous singer or dancer. The cutie pie from the video below has surely done this. We know it for sure, as the video proves this.

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