Couple kept their twins in secret. Family’s reaction was so emotional!


The most precious and sincere emotions!

What a pleasant double surprise for all the relatives and friends.

The birth of a child is always the most exciting moment in the life of every woman and every married couple.

A child is a real miracle sent from the heaven. Parents always look forward to the birth of their child. But this requires tremendous preparation, both moral and financial. Probably the most exciting moment of pregnancy is the moment when parents find out the gender of their baby!

When Corey and Sharon Rademacker, a married couple from Pensacola, Florida, found out that they were waiting for the twins, they decided to make a surprise for all their friends and relatives.

The couple filmed their relatives’ reaction on the video, when they first learned that Cory and Sharon had not just one baby, but twins. This plan was completely successful — for a few days the emotional video received more than 8 million views on YouTube.

According to 31-year-old Corey and 33-year-old Sharon, who already had a son Jameson by the time, the idea came to them during the first ultrasound, which showed that there were two babies.

“We really like surprises, and I thought how great it would be if we managed to keep it a secret, and then surprise everyone,” Sharon said. “We wanted to look at their faces,” added Corey.

Moreover, the couple decided to make a surprise for themselves, asking doctors not to reveal to them the gender of the kids. According to Sharon, it was rather difficult to keep the secret, because her tummy grew very much and at all times she was joking: how many of them are there?

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