Cat cuddles kittens and adopted ducklings. So adorable!


Love is natural animal instinct!

I couldn’t find a time in this video where I didn’t say: AWWWWWWWW! Absolutely adorable!

Today cats have become very cute home creatures. That is why many owners simply forget that a cat is a predatory animal whose instincts are still alive.

I think each of us, at least once, noticed how their cat sneaks and tries to hunt for some birds, insects or animals. Those cats that walk outside sometimes even bring their owners a bird or a mouse. And there is absolutely nothing surprising in this, as cats are hunters by nature.

No matter how hard you try to change the behavior of the animal, but its instincts are what helped the cats to survive in the wild.

It was these very ancient instincts that bothered British farmers, Emma and Ronan Lally, when they noticed that their cat had disappeared along with a brood of just hatched ducklings. But what happened next stunned absolutely everyone.

As it turned out later, the farmers’ cat had recently given birth to kittens, and this powerful maternal instinct erased all the boundaries and differences between ducks and kittens for the cat.

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