Adorable girl is getting ready to go shopping. So cute!


OMG! I’m cuteness overloaded!

She is a 100% woman! This video made my day and put a big smile on my face. What can be cuter than an adorable little girl dressing up in mom’s clothes. She’s a true lady full of good taste and elegance!

I remember myself at her age. I was absolutely the same. There were few things more attractive and interesting than my mom’s wardrobe and her beauty products.

When I was left at home alone I never missed the opportunity to try on mommy’s dresses, skirts, accessories and high-heels, of course. Lipstick was another attractive thing that I couldn’t help trying on my lips, cheeks and even eyebrows. Those were so funny and happy days. At least for me, as my mom didn’t quite like the fact that her lipsticks were totally in a mess.

A woman always remains a woman at any age. It is based by nature that they are already born with the desire to be fashionable and beautiful. And even if the girl is still very little, her inner woman is already showing up.

The video below proves that every woman wants to be beautiful. So, this video was taken by a mom at the moment when her little daughter, who still couldn’t really talk, was preparing to go to the store.

The baby put on only the most necessary — a hat and a scarf, because each image must be added with stylish accessories and heels. Wearing high heels every woman always looks stylish and elegant. This girl knows that very well.

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