Adorable baby girl “turns into a zombie”. So cute!


This is the cutest thing of all time!

This is the most adorable and the sweetest zombie I have ever seen! Thanks for lots of positive emotions and good mood for the whole day!

Babies are something absolutely incredible and wonderful. There are some emotions and feelings only kids can bring you. Only babies can make you laugh to tears and make you have some tender emotions at the same time.

I think that no one will deny that even the simplest and the most common things performed by babies bring us those feelings that we never get from other people.

For example, a poem or a song performed by a little cute child will make the audience smile and feel warmth inside. While the same poem or a song performed by an adult won’t bring the audience the same feelings.

The video below proves that babies are able to make even scary and terrifying things cute and lovable.

This video was made by a family from the Inland Valley in Southern California. The main heroine of the video is a cute little girl, called Aurora Rose. She looks absolutely adorable in her pajamas.

So, her mother calls Aurora and tells her “be a zombie”. The girl immediately puts up her hands in a zombie style and walks groaning like a Frankenstein.

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