Absolutely heartwarming compilation: Dogs playing with kids!


Super positive video!

This compilation is exactly what you need to improve your mood and make you smile. So, let’s smile together.

These videos, recorded on an amateur camcorder and smart phone camera, are ambiguously perceived by the audience.

Some are deeply touched by how children are playing with their four-legged friends, while others are anxious about them. Some of them believe that animals can react inappropriately to some kids’ noises and actions.

In my opinion, this is a wonderful compilation of videos showing how patient, kind and caring dogs can be.

Yes, it makes me quite anxious when a little child pulls the dog’s tail or put hands into the dog’s mouth. But the reaction of the four-legged friends is unusually kind and understanding.

Every dog owner, sooner or later, thinks about whether they can leave their pet alone with a child. As we can see, they doubt in vain. All pooches feel and understand kids much more than we think.

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