6-months-old boy does push-ups with his dad. Adorable video!


Awww! This is so adorable… Bless the both of them!

What an amazing father son moment that will live on forever. Cheers to good Daddies!

I don’t know why but such moments between fathers and their children make me absolutely touched.

Perhaps, that is so because we are all used to see children with their mommies. It is so natural and common that we don’t see anything unusual in it anymore. But fathers are absolutely another case.

Dads tend to work a lot, and they are often busy with other things, or they just think that these are mothers who should take all the care about children.

That is why when I see some daddies spending their time with the kids, especially if they do it from the heart; I always find this moment heartwarming.

In the video below you will see one of such adorable and cute moments between a daddy and his little son.

I think that dads who have a son are really lucky, because there are so many masculine things they can do together.

The daddy decided to teach his little man to push-ups. I’m not even sure if this cute child can walk properly, but his push-ups melted my heart.

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