3-month-old leaves family in stitches with first laugh. So cute!


Can’t stop laughing!

I won’t exaggerate if I say that this is the most positive and adorable video I have ever watched!

Of course, I find all videos with cute little kids to be positive. How could it be otherwise?! Children are the purest creatures and all those emotions they radiate are also so pure that they absolutely overwhelm you. And when they do so, you just can’t resist.

If children needed, they would easily conquer the whole world. They are so little, but at the same time they are so powerful. They radiate the most powerful feeling of love.

I have always loved watching these cuties, as they made me feel happy, and they charge my soul with lots of positive. As for me, babies’ laugh is the best cure of depression and bad mood.

However, watching other kids is nothing comparing to watching your own babies. All those emotions kids bring you get even stronger when they are your kids.

The very first days and weeks of a child’s life become very difficult for their parents, especially when it is the first baby. But at the same time, this period is the most emotional, as lots of new things happen in your life.

Children discover the world around them. And parents share these important moments with their kids!

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