13-year-old kid sings just like Elvis himself. Wow!


Absolutely breathtaking performance!

Is he Elvis Presley’s reincarnation? He’s got already such a mature timbre!

At first his voice seemed to me powerful and flexible like Leo Nucci’s voice, but then it became such a velvety lyrical baritone like Elvis’… This boy is surely a diamond!!!

The first release of the new fifth season of the vocal project “The Voice. Kids. Ukraine” was finally released on the screens on May 26. During the first casting of the “blind auditions” the star trainers began to search for unique children’s voices.

Those people who have seen this talent show knows that under the terms of the contest “The Voice Kids” all the participants first show their talent at “blind auditions”. And the rules are always the same no matter what country the show is held.

So, the coaches sit in their chairs with their backs to the stage and evaluate only the voice of each contestant. By pressing the button, the star trainers turn their chair to the participant, thus inviting the performer to their team.

If only one trainer turns the chair, then the contestant goes to that team. But if more than one trainer turns, then the contestant has to choose whose team to join.

Yaroslav Karpuk, a 13-year-old boy from a small town, made all the star trainers turn their chairs. His voice made all the judges lose their mind, and they all wanted him to join their teams.

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